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Our project "FreiZeit für junge Geflüchtete" (Free Time for Young Refugees) consists of a
group of motivated people who are committed to helping refugee children and young people.

‘FreiZeit für junge Geflüchtete’ works under the umbrella ofExil e. V. – Osnabrücker Zentrum für Flüchtlinge’ (centre for refugees in Osnabrück), in whose offices we hold our weekly organizational meetings. The biggest goal of the project is to offer refugees in the district and city of Osnabrück a variety of leisure activities and to accompany them in order to give the concerned people a change from their everyday lives 

Our project consists of two sister projects that pursue the same goal but address different target groups. The first sister project – ‘FreiZeit für Flüchtlingskinder’ (short FFF) – works with children and young people from the initial reception facility in Bramsche-Hesepe. The second sister project – ‘UMFdenken – jetzt!’ (short UMF) – works withunaccompanied minor refugees.” Both projects work hand in hand under the nameFreiZeit für junge Geflüchtete” (free time for young refugees) – weekly organizational meetings are held together, public events are organized and team days are spent. 

Introduction video of our project: Unbezahlbar und freiwillig 2020


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FreiZeit für Flüchtlingskinder

'FreiZeit für Flüchtlingskinder’ (FFF) is a colorful group of people who are committed to support refugee children and young people living in the initial reception facility in Bramsche-Hesepe. Every two weeks, we offer them various leisure activities. At regular preparation meetings, we discuss future activity afternoons. Our activities range from playing soccer, dancing, handicrafts to workshops with circus or adventure educators. The diversity of our program is important to us and everyone can contribute their own ideas.

UMFdenken – jetzt!

At ‘UMFdenken - jetzt!’ (short UMF) we realize leisure projects with unaccompanied minor refugees in and around Osnabrück. Our activities take place every two weeks, mostly on Saturdays. The respective offers are very different - play afternoons in youth facilities, swimming or activities for professional orientation are just a few examples. Through these activities, we want to create opportunities for participation as well as spaces for intercultural encounters.


We would like to thank all donors and cooperation partners who support our projects.